Pandemic Sales Trends

Posted by David Wallace on November 17, 2020

Four B2B sales trends have developed during the COVID-19 pandemic. I think they are here to stay. Planning. Most customers and prospects are working from home, so it’s easy for them to ignore your calls. Many, if not most, do not want to see sales reps, even if they are working in the office. As a […]

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Developing Trust in the Age of Covid-19

Posted by David Wallace on October 28, 2020

In response to my email last week, Selling in a Pandemic, one reader asked, “How can a sales professional can build trust with potential buyers without personal contact? “For me, I am thinking about more Zoom type meetings.” Zoom and other video-based tools are certainly important in building trust. The face-to-face interaction allows for communications […]

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What’s Your COVID-19 Response? Bridge the Social Distance

Posted by David Wallace on October 22, 2020

Efforts to halt the spread of COVID-19 by using social distancing are forcing all of us to work differently. Sales included. Gone (for now) are face-to-face sales calls; trade shows to present our products and solutions; and conferences to meet vendors, suppliers and industry experts. Many businesses now require personnel who can work from home […]

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Selling in a Pandemic

Posted by David Wallace on October 21, 2020

Since time immemorial, sales have been intimate, personal interactions. Sellers knew buyers. Buyers knew sellers. Transactions were conducted face to face. Trust formed the basis of long-term sales relationships. More recently, advancing technology has caused sales relationships to evolve. Buyers are becoming more self-sufficient as the speed of information increases. The need for salespeople to […]

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Have You Set Realistic Goals?

Posted by David Wallace on June 11, 2019

Effective businesses set goals and manage to them. When setting corporate sales goals, a company should first look at the market. What drives growth in each of the industries in which you sell your products? How much share does your firm have in each market? What are the competitive environments in your markets? Can you […]

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It All Starts with Strategy. What’s Your Strategy?

Posted by David Wallace on May 28, 2019

Sales success starts with strategy. You need a clear sales strategy and you need to clearly communicate that strategy to your sales team. If you don’t have a clear strategy or your sales team doesn’t understand your strategy, you’re not likely to achieve your goals. Furthermore, an unclear or misunderstood strategy is a prescription for […]

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Lead Management – Managing, Tracking and Reporting

Posted by David Wallace on January 7, 2010

How do you ensure that your sales team will follow up on and close on your leads? You need a system to manage your leads. This system should also provide tools to track the leads and to report progress to management and the sales reps working on the leads.

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Lead Management – Qualifying Leads

Posted by David Wallace on December 30, 2009

Sales leads fuel your company’s growth and help maintain its competitive position. Make sure you fully realize their value.

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Lead Management – Collecting Leads

Posted by David Wallace on December 22, 2009

Sales leads are a product of the marketing engine that identifies new customers and new opportunity. They represent future revenue and growth for your company. With just a little effort before the hand-off, sales representatives will embrace sales leads as the valuable source of new business that they are.

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