About David Wallace

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David Wallace’s personal qualities of insight, vision, problem solving, tact, diplomacy, and leadership have made him a valued business partner for over 30 years. He is an innovative leader who brings years of entrepreneurial experience, gained from starting multiple businesses and running others. He excels in developing sales organizations (strategy, tools, people), growing the enterprise, and leading the organization to profitability. David is adept at the most critical aspects of a sales organization: setting vision and direction, creating focused strategies, communicating clearly and persuasively, developing/mentoring high-performance people, and creating long-term relationships. He is noted for setting aggressive objectives, developing/implementing strategy, leading plan development, and motivating strong teams to meet milestones.

David is a seasoned C-suite executive and entrepreneur who generates confidence and trust. His depth, analytical approach, and intense focus on processes and solutions make him excel at crafting the master organization behind the sales. His people skills help build strong relationships. He also has a passion for teaching and sharing his knowledge/expertise with others.

David is the author of The Sales Executive Handbook: 8 Essential Elements of Sales Management. This book, available on Amazon, focuses on how to build a sales organization. It offers a structured approach to managing your company’s sales function.

David’s skills and experience encompass sales strategy, designing the organization, its processes and tools, and developing  people into a highly effective sales team. To any endeavor, David brings the ability to develop high-functioning teams that deliver sales results, grow the business, and share a common vision.

David earned his MBA from Columbia University, with marketing and finance concentrations and a BA in economics with a computer science minor from Georgetown University. He is active in community, educational, and professional organizations.