Sales Territory Planning

Wallace Management Group leads your sales teams to develop actionable territory and key account plans that drive success.

It’s not enough to simply assign targets and set quotas to individual accounts and territories. Nor is it enough to set only product targets within territories.

We will help your teams develop complete territory and account plans that identify specific opportunities and drive achievement  of the company’s sales targets and goals. The plans we help develop will also identify the activities the sales reps must undertake to achieve their goals, when the activities must be done and who will be responsible for completing the activities. Finally, plans will include milestones and metrics to measure the sales team’s progress on the path to success.

  • Quotas and goals
    • By product or service
    • By customer type
  • Identified opportunities
    • Size of opportunities (each)
    • Probability of closing (each)
    • Action plan to close
    • Timing of actions
    • Action owners
    • Targeted close
  • Shortfall (goal minus identified opportunities)
    • Amount of shortfall
    • Probability to close
    • Total amount of opportunity to uncover
    • Targeted markets and customers
    • Actions to develop business
      • Lead generation
      • Lead nurturing
      • Sales calls
    • Action owners
    • Timing of actions


We can help you put the plans in place to achieve your business goals.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you drive more business.