What People Say…

“David Wallace … provides clear and honest consulting services centered around strategic sales planning. Dave is a highly professional executive you can trust to grow your company by putting solid planning, programs and processes in place.”

 – Alan Booth, Management Consultant, Executive Coach

“Wallace is the real deal, strongly recommend reading this book [The Sales Executive Handbook] if you are a sales leader or an aspiring sales leader. The discipline of Sales is no different than discipline in Finance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, IT, or Marketing. Those that cast Sales as a dark art are not informed..”

– Pete Kirchof, Founder and Executive Chairman, 4Bs

“Dave’s … principles on sales management are spot on and applicable to all business services and industries.”

– Mark LoGiurato, Chief Operating Officer, CompuSystems

“Dave is a highly intelligent, true professional and a man of excellent character and integrity.”

— Chris Reagan, President, Glory Global Solutions, Inc.

“Dave … is dedicated to the team concept and will do anything to make his efforts for the team outshine the ones for himself. He is a highly effective manager because of his excellent analytical and people skills. His knowledge and ability to grasp concepts quickly and effectively allow him to assist others [to] develop their skills and performance. Dave is one of the most ethical people that I know, and I would depend on him for any project. As a person who strives for more challenges, I know Dave would be a great addition to any organization.”

—  Chad Young Senior Vice-President, Oxford Consulting Group

“Dave is as solid an executive [as] I have ever worked with. He is a very strong cross-functional leader with excellent team building skills. At a time of great economic challenge, Dave was instrumental in bringing new business to Talaris by working with channel partners in [the] United States and Latin America that helped improve sales. Dave has the passion and vision to lead any organization and I would strongly recommend him.”

— Subroto Mukherjee, Director of Procurement, Glory Global Solutions, Inc.

“David turned our sales force into a cohesive team with strategic and focused goals to achieve departmental and corporate goals. His “non-traditional” approach was the breath of life we needed to get on our feet and running again. His ability to redirect and straighten a path for accomplishing tasks is admirable.”

— Steven Helms, Technical Director, Turbine Generator Maintenance, Inc.

“Dave is clear headed, practical and focused. He is not only an excellent strategist, but [also] a good tactician. Whether as a consultant or a member of a management team, I recommend him without any reservations.”

— Kenny Schiff, Founder & Managing Partner, CareSight.com

“Dave is excellent at analyzing a situation or process and developing a solution that is efficient and effective. Dave is a very good leader who lets his staff know where they stand. He’s not afraid to tackle tough issues head on. He’s focused on figuring out what is necessary to be successful and then developing and executing a plan to achieve success. Dave is very loyal to his team and peers.”

— Larry Waskom, Managing Partner, MarketLINK LLC

“Dave is a creative, dedicated professional with extensive experience in the development and execution of customer surveys. His company offers [a] complete list of services to help you manage customer relationships and improve customer satisfaction.”

— Robbin Randolph, MPA, Business Controls Program Manager, IBM