Sales Scorecard

The Sales Scorecard provides you with an objective assessment of your sales team:

  • How well your team is organized,
  • The efficiency of your sales processes, and
  • The effectiveness of the tools your sales team uses.


We conduct 57 measurements across 13 elements to identify what’s working and what needs adjustment.

The Scorecard results leads Wallace Management Group to work with your team to ensure that you have the appropriate sales team, sales processes and sales tools to achieve your company’s revenue goals. Our goal is to enable you to increase revenues significantly and consistently through a more effective sales effort.

The Sales Scorecard:

  • Identifies roadblocks to successful selling, and
  • Recommends, as appropriate, changes to the sales organization and its selling process.


Wallace Management Group reviews your sales organization, sales processes and sales tools using its proprietary assessment tool.  We review current practices and identify improvement areas based on best practices we have observed and learned in the course of our sales careers.

The Sales Scorecard generates a set of recommendations that address how to correct the improvement areas identified through interviews, documentation review and analysis. The areas that the Sales Scorecard focuses on are:


We interview the sales reps, executive team and, if appropriate, other employees who work with the sales team to analyze the sales organization. We will identify and document:

  • Mission and goals – mission of the company, as defined by management, and how well that mission is understood, accepted and articulated by the sales representatives.
  • Roles and responsibilities – as defined by the company, perceived by the sales representatives and executed in practice.
  • Communications – efficiency and effectiveness of communications between the sales representatives and management, also between the sales representatives themselves.
  • Skills and abilities – sales skills of the sales representatives and their ability to enhance current skills or develop new skills as needed.
  • Compensation plan – elements of the plan such as base salary, commissions, bonuses, awards, contests, etc. We will provide feedback on how the plan motivates the sales representatives to close sales and perform desired sales activities.



We review your company’s current sales processes, including:

  • Lead management and nurturing – tracking and managing leads from initial contact through follow up and close.
  • Lead qualification and scoring
  • Contact management – collection and management of contact information.
  • External communications – email, print mail, telephone calls.
  • Order processing – order entry, completeness, exception handling.
  • Customer service – post-sale, post-service follow-up.
  • Workload, volume and bottlenecks – identification of workload levels for each sales representative and system bottlenecks that reduce sales efficiency.


Sales Tools

We review and document your company’s sales tools, including where and how they are used in the sales process.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Lead qualification and scoring system
  • Communications templates for email, letters, proposals, contracts, and phone calls
  • Inbound and outbound sales call scripts
  • Objection handling scripts
  • Product materials
  • Sales programs


Output and Deliverables

Wallace Management Group provides a set of written recommendation on how your company can address the improvement areas we identify through the Sales Scorecard.

Our report addresses the three areas that we review: organization (size, individual responsibilities, compensation, etc.), processes and sales tools.  We rate our recommendations based on ease of implementation, expected cost of implementation and expected revenue impact of the recommendation.  Based on our rating, you will have a roadmap to implement the recommendations.


We can help you achieve your business goals.

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