Interim & Fractional Management

Wallace Management Group can provide your company with an interim or fractional head of sales and marketing. Interim leadership engagements typically last from 3 to 12 months. Fractional leadership roles can last as long as you need us.

The average tenure of a chief sales or chief revenue officer today is less than 24 months. The loss of your head of sales, whether through promotion, resignation or termination, can be a most disruptive event for any company. Sales and revenue plans for the quarter and the year become more uncertain. On top of that, the time it takes to find and hire a new sales leader can take 4-5 months, plus time for on-boarding and getting up to speed.

Wallace Management Group can help you through these difficult times. We recognize our role as interim chief revenue officer as stabilizing revenue; identifying sales issues whether they are process, people or pipeline; recommending fixes to strategy or sales tactics, helping implement change and restarting momentum. We also work with you and your team to help identify and onboard a permanent sales leader.

For companies that have yet to grow into a full-time chief sales or chief revenue office, Wallace Management Group offers fractional CSOs and CROs. A fractional leader is one who is shared across multiple companies with each paying a fraction of the cost they would incur to hire a full-time executive.

We can help you achieve your business goals — in the short term and the long term.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you drive more business.