Sales Commission Plans

Wallace Management Group works with your team to develop incentive compensation plans that support the continued growth of your business.


We develop commission plans that align your sales incentives with your company goals whether your goals are revenue, profitability, account growth, new business development  or product focused. Our objective is to work with our client companies to provide fair and competitive compensation for the sales team while also being fair and affordable for the company. Our plans are easy to track and administer. We present them so your sales reps understand how they earn commissions and how their commissions are calculated and paid.


Here are the deliverables that we provide our clients.

  • Overview of responsibilities/expectations by position
    • Quotas
    • Territories and key accounts
    • Product and service offerings
  • Commission plan
    • Components of compensation
      • Base salary
      • Draw, if applicable
        • Purpose
        • Recoverable vs. non-recoverable
        • Limits of draw
        • Payback of draw
      • Commissions
        • Commission rate schedule
      • Terms and conditions
    • Commission plan model
      • Excel-based model to calculate commissions based on transaction/deal parameters
      • Model can be used to calculate commissions
      • Model can be used to demonstrate commissions in “what if” scenarios
    • Presentation of 2-3 vendors’ commission software tools that may be used to manage commissions
      • Features
      • Software requirements and ERP/CRM interfaces
      • Price


We can help you achieve your business goals without going broke.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you drive more business with fair and effective commission plans.