The Sales Executive Handbook

David Wallace is the author of The Sales Executive Handbook: 8 Essential Elements of Sales Management. This book focuses on how to build a sales organization. It offers a structured approach to managing your company’s sales function. This streamlined, integrated system can be implemented whether you envision having a small sales team of 1-5 sales representatives or a larger sales team.

Sales management goes well beyond managing your salespeople. Effective sales management involves putting the right systems and processes in place to ensure your salespeople do the right things, at the right time, to generate the right results. It depends on creating and communicating a sales strategy that supports achievement of your overall company strategy. An effective sales executive puts tools in place – territory plans and reviews, a customer relationship management (CRM) system, and proposal templates and training programs – to help the sales team achieve its goals.

This handbook presents the eight essential elements you need to build and manage a sales organization that helps your reps sell effectively and efficiently to your market and drive revenue. The eight elements are pieces of a dynamic puzzle. All the pieces need to fit together, but the shapes change as the competitive environment changes.

If you’re just getting started with building your sales organization, I recommend reading the entire book. If your sales organization is established, you may choose to focus on specific elements. This book is written so that you can refer to the elements of greatest interest to you.

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