Training — Sales Basics

Sales MeetingThe Sales Basics training course focuses on the skills and tools your sales reps need to sell effectively.

  • This course consists of ten sessions, each lasting 90-120 minutes.
  • This course can be delivered in person or via Zoom.

Topics covered include:

  • Types of Selling
    • Transaction
    • Relationship
    • Solution
    • Partnership
  • Lead Management
    • Ideal customer profile
    • 4 ways to generate sales leads
    • Importance of lead nurturing
    • 4 ways to implement a lead nurturing campaign
  • Sell Cycle vs Buy Cycle
    • Differences between sell cycle and buy cycle
    • How to manage a sale through both cycles
    • Decision makers versus influencers
    • Types of decision makers & how to sell to them
  • Territory/Account Planning
    • Purpose of the territory/account plan
    • Basic parts of a territory/account plan
    • How to create a territory/account plan
  • Sales Call Planning
    • Who you are calling
    • Why you are calling
    • Call objectives
    • Contact and account history
    • Key contact and company information


  • Anatomy of a Sales Call
    • Structure of a sales call
    • Purpose of each part of the sales call
    • How to handle objections
    • How to execute a complete sales call
  • Sales Call Follow Up
    • Maintaining relationships
    • Finding new opportunities to grow revenue
    • Expanding customer base through referrals
    • Value of forecasting
    • How to forecast territory sales
  • Sales Tools
    • Identifying helpful sales tools
      • Measuring progress toward achieving goals
      • Assisting with sales efforts
      • Tracking customer information and sales activity
    • Understanding the usefulness of sales tools
      • CRM
      • Dashboard tools
      • KPIs and metrics
      • Email and call scripts


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