Welcome to “Top Line”

Posted by David Wallace on September 11, 2009

“Top Line” is directed to sales and marketing executives, CEOs, other senior management and entrepreneurs who are interested in managing and improving their sales and marketing functions.  Each week, I will share some of the experience I’ve developed over a nearly thirty-year career in sales and marketing management. Over the coming weeks, I will address […]


4 Effective Year-end Sales Push Tactics

Posted by David Wallace on November 29, 2022

We are in the final weeks of 2022 and some sales teams need to close more deals before year end to make quota. The big question is “What can I do in the last few weeks of the year to close more sales?” Here are four year-end sales tactics. Work your best opportunities and best […]


Change How You Sell to Drive More Revenue

Posted by David Wallace on September 13, 2022

Over the last 20 years,  technology and the internet have changed how buyers buy. Rather than relying primarily on vendors’ sales reps for information about problems and solutions, products and features and how to get what they need to run their business, buyers have taken ownership of the process to manage their own time, do […]


5 Reasons Why You Should Engage On-Demand Executives from TechCXO

Posted by David Wallace on July 12, 2022

On-demand executives have become more accepted in the marketplace. Even before Covid introduced fundamental changes to how we do business, companies were looking for efficient ways to access the expertise they need to grow their business when, and only when, they need it. Here are five reasons why you should engage on-demand executives from TechCXO. […]


Process vs Initiative

Posted by David Wallace on June 9, 2022

Many clients I work with have developed processes to work efficiently and consistently. They have defined steps to ensure that work is done correctly and completely without missing any critical components. Work processes have been in place for centuries back to the when hunting groups learned to make spears and fishing nets. As products increase […]


Printed Circuit BoardThe 3 Ps to Successfully Manage Your Business

Posted by David Wallace on May 31, 2022

You need the three Ps to successfully manage your business – plans, people and process. These are complemented by metrics and results. Plans Plans are your roadmap to achieve the goals you have set for your business. Without plans, your goals simply become dreams that are unlikely to be realized. There are two types of […]


8 Parts of an Effective Lead Generation Program

Posted by David Wallace on May 17, 2022

An effective lead generation program has eight parts – planning, target, message, roles and responsibilities, communication vehicles, metrics, qualification and follow up. Planning Before implementing a lead generation program, first create your plan. Your lead gen plan identifies: Who you will contact. The “who” is your target audience. This includes how to get lists of […]


Is Your Marketing Message Effective?

Posted by David Wallace on May 9, 2022

When assessing your company’s message, or the message that your salespeople are delivering to the market, you may ask “Does that ring true?” or “will my message tell people what we do and attract new customers?” While these questions are good to ask, you need to dive a little deeper. Examine your message to ensure […]


What Does a Sales Development Rep Do?

Posted by David Wallace on March 30, 2022

“What’s the role of a sales development representative?” “How does an SDR’s role differ from that of an account manager or sales executive?” In a nutshell, a sales development representative (SDR) focuses on the early stages of the sales process. The SDR owns the responsibility of filling your sales lead pipeline, qualifying leads to produce […]


Without a Plan, You’re Going Nowhere Fast!

Posted by David Wallace on February 8, 2022

A territory plan is an essential sales management tool. Without one, a sales goal is just a number. Without a territory plan, your sales reps will not know what it takes to meet their goals. And you will have no assurance they can get there. You’ll be flying blind. February is the time to conduct […]


4th and 5th Considerations in Selling Today: Selling and Buying Cycles

Posted by David Wallace on January 31, 2022

This is my fifth and final note in a continuing series discussing the five considerations that sales reps must employ when selling in today’s world. They are pull versus push marketing, media choices, disciplined timing, selling cycles and buying cycles. Today, we’ll look at selling cycles and buying cycles. Selling Cycles Tailor your campaigns to […]