Are Your Revenues Growing… or Stagnating?

Posted by David Wallace on May 19, 2021

As companies grow, what’s made them successful in the past does not necessarily drive success in the future. I find companies reach an inflection point where, if they continue doing what has gotten them to where they are today, customers become harder to find, sales take longer to close and revenue growth slows.

To recharge their growth engine, companies need to change how they sell. They need more focus, more skills, more effective programs and processes.

Wallace Management Group helps your portfolio companies focus on their goals, strategy, people, programs and processes.

  • Goals – Define targets and deadlines to achieve them
  • Strategy – Create a plan to achieve the goals
  • People – Put the right people with the right skills in place to execute the strategy
  • Programs – Support the strategy with effective programs across the company
  • Processes – Put processes in place to support people and programs, leading to successful strategic implementation

We apply these focus areas to each of our consulting services:

  • Sales Scorecard – An objective assessment of your sales team across 13 elements
  • Planning and Facilitation – Work with your company to prepare for and facilitate planning sessions:
    • Strategy Planning
    • Marketing Planning
    • Sales Planning
  • Interim & Fractional Management – Provide your company with an interim or fractional head of sales and marketing
  • Executive Coach/MentorWork with your promising talent to develop the skills they need to blossom into their full potential
  • Sales Commission Plans – Develop incentive compensation plans that support the continued growth of your business

Often, private-equity investors and partners introduce us to our clients, although many companies approach us directly too. We are brought in as an advisor, consultant or interim C-level executive. Most engagements run 3-9 months.

Our clients span industries that include technology, networking, wholesale distribution, financial services and industrials. Most often, our clients are business-to-business sellers.

Wallace Management Group puts companies on strong growth paths. We lead them to identify the right strategies and put the teams, programs and processes in place to execute.

Contact us at (203) 856-9400 or to discuss how we can help put your sales organization on a growth path.