Lead Management

Are you taking this 2-step approach to find and engage customers?

Posted by David Wallace on October 24, 2023

Customers have taken charge of the buying process. Prior to engaging with a sales rep, many customers gather a great deal of information via their own research. When they’re ready to move forward, they’ll reach out to your sales team via a call, email or, often, interaction with your company’s website. Here’s how to make […]

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8 Parts of an Effective Lead Generation Program

Posted by David Wallace on May 17, 2022

An effective lead generation program has eight parts – planning, target, message, roles and responsibilities, communication vehicles, metrics, qualification and follow up. Planning Before implementing a lead generation program, first create your plan. Your lead gen plan identifies: Who you will contact. The “who” is your target audience. This includes how to get lists of […]

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What Does a Sales Development Rep Do?

Posted by David Wallace on March 30, 2022

“What’s the role of a sales development representative?” “How does an SDR’s role differ from that of an account manager or sales executive?” In a nutshell, a sales development representative (SDR) focuses on the early stages of the sales process. The SDR owns the responsibility of filling your sales lead pipeline, qualifying leads to produce […]

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2nd Consideration In Selling Today – Media Choices

Posted by David Wallace on January 19, 2022

This is my third note in a continuing series discussing the five considerations that sales reps must employ when selling in today’s world. They are pull versus push marketing, media choices, disciplined timing, selling cycles and buying cycles. Today, we’ll look at media choices. Media Choices Which media or combination of media should you use […]

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Lead Management – Managing, Tracking and Reporting

Posted by David Wallace on January 7, 2010

How do you ensure that your sales team will follow up on and close on your leads? You need a system to manage your leads. This system should also provide tools to track the leads and to report progress to management and the sales reps working on the leads.

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Lead Management – Qualifying Leads

Posted by David Wallace on December 30, 2009

Sales leads fuel your company’s growth and help maintain its competitive position. Make sure you fully realize their value.

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Lead Management – Collecting Leads

Posted by David Wallace on December 22, 2009

Sales leads are a product of the marketing engine that identifies new customers and new opportunity. They represent future revenue and growth for your company. With just a little effort before the hand-off, sales representatives will embrace sales leads as the valuable source of new business that they are.

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