Do You Drive Customer Success?

Posted by David Wallace on November 12, 2021

Many companies focus on marketing and sales. After all, marketing helps you understand on your markets, find prospects, and communicate your message so that they become receptive to your products and services. Sales uncovers prospects’ needs, develops solutions and drives revenue by applying those solutions to meet the customers’ needs.

However, once the sale is closed, what do you do to ensure your customers’ success?

When customers succeed using your products or services, they buy from you again, driving additional sales and revenue. What’s more, additional sales to customers cost less than initial sales to prospects since you spend less finding and nurturing them to become customers. Also, successful customers refer friends and colleagues to your company.

So, how do you ensure customer success? Do both the little and big things before and after the sale. Focus on every customer to make sure they have a positive experience working with your company. Before the sale, understand your customer’s business and needs. Make sure your product or service solves your customer’s problem. Don’t take advantage by overselling or forcing a product that doesn’t address a need or problem. After the sale, support your customer when they have product issues. Eliminate defects and replace or repair products when defects do occur. Teach your customers to use your products effectively. Deliver products and services when promised. Invoice correctly. Communicate clearly and let your customer know that you care about their success. Incorporate their feedback into future product releases.

To ensure customer success, some companies charge account managers with that responsibility. They build customer success metrics, such as net promoter scores and monthly recurring revenue, into commission plans. Other companies have a separate customer success team whose sole responsibility is to ensure the customer experience is positive throughout their relationship with the company.

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