4th and 5th Considerations in Selling Today: Selling and Buying Cycles

Posted by David Wallace on January 31, 2022

This is my fifth and final note in a continuing series discussing the five considerations that sales reps must employ when selling in today’s world. They are pull versus push marketing, media choices, disciplined timing, selling cycles and buying cycles. Today, we’ll look at selling cycles and buying cycles. Selling Cycles Tailor your campaigns to […]

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Base Salary – What Should I Expect in Return?

Posted by David Wallace on September 20, 2021

No sales representative earns his or her base salary for just “showing up.”  Your sales compensation plan needs to specify clearly the activities for which reps are paid a base salary.  Here’s some language I’ve used in the past: Base salary is paid for the timely and accurate completion of administrative and other tasks associated […]

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Straight Commissions = Low Cost of Sales + Motivated Reps?

Posted by David Wallace on September 7, 2021

Here’s a false argument:  Hiring straight commission sales reps can reduce your cost of sales and motivate reps. I’ve often heard business leaders say, “Let’s hire reps at 100% commission.  If they don’t work out, we’ll replace them and they haven’t cost us a penny.”  Even at 100% commission, bringing new sales reps into a […]

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Sales Commissions – Can One Plan Fit All Your Reps?

Posted by David Wallace on August 24, 2021

Many commissions plans are easy to understand and easy to administer. Basically, they pay a percentage of revenue or gross profit for every sale. The plans encourage sales reps to sell as much as they can, driving revenue and growth for the company. When paying sales commissions, the company simply multiplies the total sales the […]

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How to Create a Territory Plan

Posted by David Wallace on August 16, 2021

A territory plan is a sales rep’s individual strategic plan. It’s also a roadmap. It tells the sales rep where to go (goals) and how to get there (action plan). A territory plan is an essential operating tool for a sales rep and an essential management tool for a sales leader. Without it, your reps […]

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Global Sales Management: 4 Overall Recommendations

Posted by David Wallace on June 8, 2021

This is the last in a series of posts on executing a global sales framework. To balance corporate control with local autonomy: Implement a global sales management framework that clearly identifies the responsibilities of both the corporate home office and the local sales offices. Ensure this framework defines culture, strategy, measurement and sales/territory management at […]

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Four Keys to Global Sales Management Success

Posted by David Wallace on June 1, 2021

This is the sixth in a series of posts on executing a global sales framework. Successful implementation of a global sales management framework requires respect, local autonomy, communications, and leadership. Respect Successful global sales organizations respect the local cultures in which they operate. Sales leaders in the corporate home office recognize the different cultures, values […]

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Global vs Local – Sales and Territory Management

Posted by David Wallace on May 25, 2021

A global sales management framework balances corporate home office responsibilities with local office responsibilities in four areas: culture, strategy, metrics and sales/territory management. Previous posts have highlighted culture, strategy and metrics. Now, let’s look at sales/territory management in the context of a global effort. Sales/Territory Management Corporate The corporate home office (or an office in another […]

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Have You Set Realistic Goals?

Posted by David Wallace on June 11, 2019

Effective businesses set goals and manage to them. When setting corporate sales goals, a company should first look at the market. What drives growth in each of the industries in which you sell your products? How much share does your firm have in each market? What are the competitive environments in your markets? Can you […]

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Home Page Testimonial – 1

Posted by David Wallace on February 24, 2019

“Dave … is dedicated to the team concept and will do anything to make his efforts for the team outshine the ones for himself. He is a highly effective manager because of his excellent analytical and people skills. His knowledge and ability to grasp concepts quickly and effectively allows him to assist others [to] develop […]

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