How Does Your Sales Team Score?

Posted by David Wallace on October 30, 2023

Bull's eye Some sales teams fail to deliver results that meet expectations. The root of the problem may be sales reps. Or it may be leadership … or training … or tools … or your sales process. Often, business leaders have difficulty putting a finger on the cause of their problem. We can help.

Wallace Management Group’s Sales Scorecard provides you with an objective assessment of your sales team:

  • How well your team is organized,
  • The efficiency of your sales processes, and
  • The effectiveness of the tools your sales team uses.


With the Sales Scorecard, we conduct 57 measurements across 13 elements to identify what’s working and what needs adjustment. We identify roadblocks to successful selling, and recommend appropriate changes to the sales organization and its selling process.

The Sales Scorecard generates a set of recommendations that address how to correct the improvement areas identified through interviews, documentation review and analysis. The areas that the Sales Scorecard focuses on are:


  • Mission and goals
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Communications
  • Skills and abilities
  • Compensation plan


  • Lead management and nurturing
  • Lead qualification and scoring
  • Contact management
  • External communications
  • Order processing
  • Customer service
  • Workload, volume and bottlenecks

Sales Tools

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Lead qualification and scoring system
  • Communications templates for email, letters, proposals, contracts, and phone calls
  • Sales sequences and call scripts
  • Objection handling scripts
  • Product materials
  • Sales programs


Output and Deliverables

The Sales Scorecard delivers a set of written recommendations on how your company can address the improvement areas we identify. Our report addresses the three areas that we review: organization, processes and sales tools.  We rate our recommendations based on ease of implementation, expected cost of implementation and expected revenue impact of the recommendation.  Based on our rating, you will have an implementation roadmap for the recommendations.

Wallace Management Group

Wallace Management Group delivers a broad range of consulting services and sales management tools for B2B companies across a variety of industries including manufacturing, financial services, SaaS, technology, distribution, logistics, telecommunications, and power. Our entry point for working with many clients is the Sales Scorecard.

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