He’s Baaaack!

Posted by David Wallace on October 17, 2023

After two years as a partner in TechCXO’s Revenue Growth practice, I’m back to leading Wallace Management Group. I founded this company in 2006 to work with small- and medium-sized companies that experienced robust growth early but have seen their sales growth slow as their business matured. We help clients recognize that “what got you here, is not what will get you there.” By working with us, clients learn to re-examine where they fit in their markets, how they sell to customers and what they need to do to hold their teams accountable for the results they strive to achieve.

Wallace Management Group delivers a broad range of consulting services and sales management tools for B2B companies across a variety of industries including manufacturing, financial services, SaaS, technology, distribution, logistics, telecommunications, and power. Our offerings include:

  • Sales Scorecard – We evaluate your sales organization by conducting 57 measurements across 13 elements to identify what’s working and what needs adjustment. Based on this assessment, we deliver a report that identifies roadblocks to successful selling and recommends, as appropriate, changes to the sales organization and its selling process.
  • Interim Sales Management – Average tenure of a Chief Sales Officer (CSO)/Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) is currently less than 24 months. Losing your sales executive, whether through promotion, resignation, or termination, can be very disruptive. To help you navigate this situation, we provide an experienced interim executive to work with you until you find a full-time replacement.
  • Fractional Sales Management – For companies that have yet to grow into a full-time CSO/CRO, we offer fractional sales leaders. These sales executives work part-time for multiple companies, with each company paying a fraction of the cost they would incur to hire a full-time executive.
  • Executive Coaching/Mentoring – We work with your promising talent to build the skills they need to develop to their full potential.
  • Commission Plans – We develop compensation plans that align your sales incentives with your company goals (e.g., revenue, profitability, or account growth; new business development; or product line expansion). Our plans help clients provide fair and competitive compensation for their sales team at a fair and affordable cost to the company.
  • Planning and Facilitation – To help clients conduct successful planning sessions, we facilitate the advance research, preparation, and brainstorming. We lead the team through single- or multi-day planning sessions, either in-person or remote. We document the output from these planning sessions and work with your team to deliver concise, cohesive action plans.
  • Precision Research – When you need specific information about your markets, customers, prospects or even your own sales organization, we do the research to find what you need and deliver it.
  • Sales Training – We provide standard and custom sales training. Our Sales Basics course for sales reps focuses on the skills and tools they need to sell effectively. Our Sales Management course for sales managers focuses on the skills and tools they need to lead a sales team that achieves company goals.

Contact us for a free one-hour consultation to discuss how we can help you drive efficient, sustainable business growth.