Change How You Sell to Drive More Revenue

Posted by David Wallace on September 13, 2022

Sales and Marketing TeamOver the last 20 years,  technology and the internet have changed how buyers buy. Rather than relying primarily on vendors’ sales reps for information about problems and solutions, products and features and how to get what they need to run their business, buyers have taken ownership of the process to manage their own time, do their own research and make better decisions with more and better information.

Gartner research shows that today’s buyers spend only 17% of their buying time meeting with potential suppliers. And, that’s 17% across all suppliers, not just you. If you’re lucky, you may have just under 5% of the buyer’s time.

Sellers who continue to sell they way they have always sold are becoming increasingly irrelevant to buyers. In fact, they run the risk of becoming bothersome and thus avoided.


Today, selling is a team sport. Create sales teams that integrate sales and marketing expertise. These sales teams must work together closely to guide the buyer along the buying journey. Over the course of the buying process, the lead role with the buyer may pass from marketing to sales and back again several times. It all depends on the buyer’s needs and where they are in their buying cycle.

  • Marketing – studies your markets and customers to identify trends. They craft powerful messages that address market needs. Marketing delivers the message to reach the customer when the customer needs it through websites, email campaigns, social media, webinars, advertising or traditional sales literature. They drive inbound interest in your company, products and services which they qualify and reinforce to support sales.
  • Sales – provides the trusted experts to help customers apply market knowledge to their company’s challenges. Sales reps guide and support the buyer to make the right purchasing decisions for them. Through customer interactions, sales reps feed information back to their marketing colleagues to provide market insights.

The greatest, sustained success comes not from a single superstar but from multiple contributors working together. Make them a resource for buyers, providing top-level expertise and support. Provide your customers with a valuable tool to make decisions that benefit both you and them.

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