5 Reasons Why You Should Engage On-Demand Executives from TechCXO

Posted by David Wallace on July 12, 2022

Business meetingOn-demand executives have become more accepted in the marketplace. Even before Covid introduced fundamental changes to how we do business, companies were looking for efficient ways to access the expertise they need to grow their business when, and only when, they need it.

Here are five reasons why you should engage on-demand executives from TechCXO.

1. You need to find the right executive

Finding the right executives to lead your business takes time. You need to define your needs – finance, operations, sales, marketing, technology, human capital – then initiate a search, interview candidates, assess cultural fit, make an offer (and hopefully have it accepted) and onboard your executive. This process often takes months, yet your leadership need continues.

TechCXO provides seasoned executives with the skills you need to fill the gap while you search for the right long-term hire. We have short-term, on-demand executives with experience in all the major business functions. In fact, our pool of on-demand executives is deep so we can deliver the executives you need, when you need them.

2. Your leadership team can’t keep up with your business’s growth

Sometimes your business grows faster than you can manage. TechCXO’s on-demand executives have experience in high-growth, high-stress situations. High-growth companies are our bread and butter. Whether you have a short-term growth spurt or are an emerging unicorn, we can get you through it successfully with our experienced executive. We know what to do. We’ve done it before.

3. You have an executive in a new role, but they don’t have enough experience

Even the best talent benefits from experience. We’ve all worked with superstars who have rapidly risen to executive leadership positions. They are really good in their areas of expertise. However, they often have weaknesses in other critical areas that can be strengthened. These areas may be managing people, strategic planning, delegation, or budgeting to name a few.

TechCXO’s on-demand executives can mentor your high-fliers so they grow into their full potential. We meet on a regular basis and provide the sounding board and experience that allows your new leaders to grow in a non-threatening and supportive environment.

4. Your key projects are not getting done

From time to time, as a business leader you have important projects that just aren’t getting done. Perhaps the demands of day-to-day business are getting in the way. Or, maybe you don’t have the skills or expertise to execute the project. Or, maybe you just don’t have the bandwidth to focus on those projects.

Again, TechCXO’s on-demand executives can come in to plan, implement and successfully execute your important, but delayed, projects. With our team of nearly 100 top-level executives, we certainly have the expertise you need to get the job done.

5. You can’t afford top talent… yet

 Finally, start-ups and high-growth businesses are often starved for capital. These businesses are working to get the most out of a limited set of resources. They often can’t afford to invest in the high salaries and benefits that come with hiring a top executive. They also can’t afford not to have top talent in key positions.

TechCXO’s on-demand executive model provides start-ups and high-growth businesses access to top talent at a fraction of the full-time cost. We deliver experienced executives for a fraction of the time commitment and at a fraction of the cost of full-time hires. Then, when your business is ready to invest in a full-time hire, we’ll transition the role to your new executive. We help businesses grow at a cost they can afford.

TechCXO Can Help

We’d like to help you achieve your business success goals. As a partner at TechCXO, I can help you bring in the right on-demand executives needed to grow your business.

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