5 Considerations When Selling in Today’s World

Posted by David Wallace on January 4, 2022

Computer, pad and cameraLong gone are the days of selling via drop-in cold calls, extended lunches, and afternoons of golf. They’ve been replaced with social media campaigns, text messages and Zoom calls. Selling today requires planning and discipline.

Five considerations must go into your sales call planning efforts today.

  • Pull and push marketing – Use a combination of tools that both pulls customers in with informative material and pushes communications out to guide prospects and customers through the buying process.
  • Media choices – Which media or combination of media should you use to reach your customers? Video? Audio? Text/writing? Identify which media are most effective with your target audience.
  • Disciplined timing –Discipline is necessary when communicating, whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly or another interval. Set a schedule and stick with it.
  • Selling cycles – Tailor your campaigns to target customers at different points in the selling cycle such as prospecting, solution selling or closing. Different messages are needed at different times.
  • Buying cycles – Also tailor your campaigns to target customers at different points in the buying cycle – information gathering, developing trust, engagement, buying or post-sale.

I’ll address each of these considerations in posts over the coming weeks. However, no matter where you are in your sales call planning, always focus on your customers and prospects. Uncover and address their challenges, needs and pain points. Deliver solutions to problems, not features and benefits.

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