Do Your Sales Reps Have a Sales Strategy?

Posted by David Wallace on August 10, 2021

Chess BoardYour company’s sales strategy is complete. You’ve identified the market segments and the types of companies you want to reach. You know what offerings you want to sell.

You’ve got a clear message. All your sales tools and marketing programs are in place.

You’re ready to go. But what about your sales reps? Without them nothing happens.

Putting a sales strategy together is an important exercise. But it’s pointless unless the sales team is ready, willing, and able to implement the strategy.

Don’t expect your reps to figure this out on their own. Management’s job is to give the sales team the necessary training, tools, and support to execute the strategy. Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Educate your sales reps on the strategy
  2. Show them how to implement the strategy in their respective territories (territory plans)
  3. Coach them as they develop, refine, and execute their territory plans

Why a Territory Plan Matters

A territory plan is a sales rep’s individual strategic plan. It’s also her roadmap. It tells her where to go (goals) and how to get there (action plan).

It’s an essential operating tool for a sales rep and an essential management tool for a sales leader.

Without a territory plan, your reps will not have a clear focus. And you won’t know what they’re working on. That’s a recipe for failure.

At Wallace Management Group, we’ll help you build territory and account plans based on your company’s strategic plan. We can also help you put the processes and metrics in place to execute your plans and measure progress toward success.

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