Global Sales Management: Balancing Corporate Control with Local Autonomy

Posted by David Wallace on April 27, 2021

Technology and the speed of communications are driving global sales down to the local level. With the increasing speed of communications, information moves in near-real time between corporate home offices and local offices around the globe. Information also moves at light speed between local sales offices and customers, as well as within and between markets. Speedier communications drive the need for faster decisions made locally.

The “all business is local business” adage has never been more true than it is today. Customers are less likely to wait for business decisions to be made at far-off headquarters locations. Increasingly, customers look to their local account teams to provide the information they need to manage their businesses in rapidly changing business markets.

For corporate sales leaders, balancing corporate control with local autonomy boils down to addressing two questions:

  • What goals do we want to achieve — financial, market share or otherwise?
  • How do we promote the autonomy needed to achieve our goals?


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