There are 8 Essential Elements of Sales Management. How Many Do You Do Well?

Posted by David Wallace on December 9, 2020

Over the course of my career building and managing sales organizations, I identified 8 keys to effective sales management. I’ve recently published them in a book, The Sales Executive Handbook: 8 Essential Elements of Sales Management. How many of these elements does your organization really do well?

  • Element 1: Establish Your Foundation – define your goals and develop a strategy to achieve them
  • Element 2: Create Your Sales Organization – set up your sales organization so it addresses specific markets and needs
  • Element 3: Build Your Plans – create and implement plans at each level of your organization to execute against your strategy
  • Element 4: Recruit Talent – identify the roles you need to fill and select the best people to fill those roles
  • Element 5: Develop and Manage Your People – provide skills, product and company training; then actively manage your team to ensure they are working towards your goals and executing against your strategy
  • Element 6: Drive Specific Performance – clearly communicate your expectations, tie commissions to goals and employ non-monetary incentives to reinforce desired behaviors
  • Element 7: Coordinate with the Rest of Your Business – work closely with all business functions to ensure resources (money, people, inventory, information, etc.) are available and deployed where and when needed
  • Element 8: Leverage Your Tool Set – use a full range of tools to turn data into information. Tools include ERP, CRM, business intelligence, dashboards, scoreboards, social media, artificial intelligence and much more.

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