Element 2: Create Your Sales Organization

Posted by David Wallace on December 21, 2020

Over the course of my career building and managing sales organizations, I identified 8 keys to effective sales management. I’ve recently published them in my new book, The Sales Executive Handbook: 8 Essential Elements of Sales Management, available on Amazon. Each week for 8 weeks, I am presenting one of the elements.

Element 2: Create Your Sales Organization

How you define your sales organization depends on your strategy – what you’re selling, where your target market is, who you’re selling to, and how you plan to reach your market. You may need an inside sales organization that focuses on lead generation and lead nurturing. You may choose to put a direct field organization in place. You may go to market through agents, distributors or retailers. Or, you may decide to use a combination of these customer-facing sales teams.

In addition to customer-facing sales teams, your sales organization must also provide support for those teams. Your sales strategy – how you reach your prospects and customers – will guide you to determine the sales enablement support you need to put in place. Your sales team will need tools – proposal writing, contract templates, sales collateral. You may need to consider online and social media strategies.

From one company to another, very few sales organizations are alike. Companies may have common goals, but their strategies to achieve those goals often differ. Each company’s strategy and subsequent organization is shaped by market forces, economic pressures, its company culture and the individual personalities involved.

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