“The Sales Executive Handbook” is now Available on Amazon!

Posted by David Wallace on November 18, 2020

I’m pleased to announce the availability of my new book, The Sales Executive Handbook: 8 Essential Elements of Sales Management. This book is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle (ebook) versions.

The Sales Executive Handbook presents the 8 elements that are essential to building and managing a successful sales team. They are:

  1. Establish Your Foundation
  2. Create Your Sales Organization
  3. Build Your Plans
  4. Recruit Talent
  5. Develop and Manage Your People
  6. Drive Specific Performance
  7. Coordinate With the Rest of Your Business
  8. Leverage Your Toolset

I discuss each of these elements in depth and provide real-life examples to help you apply them to your business.

You can purchase the book here on Amazon ($22.95 paperback / $9.99 Kindle). I am also available to speak with you and your company to help you execute the 8 elements in your business. Simply visit my website (www.wallacemanagement.com),  send me an email or call (203) 856-9400.

Wallace Management Group helps companies drive sales success. We can help you put the elements, plans and tools in place to sell effectively.

Contact us at (203) 856-9400 or dwallace@wallacemanagement.com to discuss how we can help your sales and marketing leadership team successfully drive business so you will win.