Element 6: Drive Specific Performance

Posted by David Wallace on December 19, 2019
Periodic Table of the ElementsEffective sales managers motivate their sales team to achieve higher performance levels that are specific to strategic success. They often employ three tactics: clear communication of expectations and strategy, incentive compensation and non-monetary incentive programs.

  • Clear communications — If you clearly identify a goal and lay out a strategy or path to the goal, your sales representatives will work hard to achieve your goals and more. Otherwise, they may flounder or work toward their own goals (whether they coincide with the company’s objectives or not).
  • Incentive compensation — Many, if not most, sales reps are driven by compensation. Use incentive compensation to drive performance in furtherance of your company’s strategic goals.
  • Non-monetary incentives — It’s not always necessary to use monetary compensation to drive sales rep performance. Recognition before family and peers can be a powerful motivator. Having their name listed atop a “sales leader” board, an acknowledgment before peers at a sales meeting, or a simple plaque or trophy with their name displayed prominently in the office has driven many reps to superior performance levels.
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