Element 5: Develop and Manage Your People

Posted by David Wallace on December 19, 2019
Periodic Table of the ElementsIt’s not enough to simply hire good sales representatives. You need to manage them to ensure they are working toward your goals and executing your strategy. Left to their own devices, even the best sales representatives will put their own interests first which may, or may not, coincide with your strategic goals.

Training is also essential to building a successful team. As markets, products, techniques and customers change, your sales representatives need to update their skills, outlook and abilities. The most effective sales managers continually train their sales teams using internal trainers and outside trainers.

Finally, don’t overlook performance planning. Effective sales managers work with each member of their sales team to develop, implement and review tailored performance plans. Performance plans communicate goals and expectations, identify strengths and weaknesses, and put action steps in place to improve the effectiveness of the sales team member. Performance plans also include metrics that measure both performance and progress toward goals.

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