Element 4: Build Your Team

Posted by David Wallace on December 19, 2019
Periodic Table of the ElementsTo execute your strategic plan successfully, you need to have the right resources and talent in place, from sales leader to sales reps, marketers and channel partners.

Your sales leader sets and executes your market strategy and drives revenue to achieve your company’s goals. This leader is also responsible for the day-to-day leadership of your sales and marketing teams. They have three essential responsibilities:

  • Represent customers and the market on the company’s executive management team
  • Drive revenue through the sales team
  • Develop and manage the company’s marketing efforts to support revenue generation


Sales reps present the face and voice of your company to your customers. It’s very important to hire the right people for your sales team. These are the qualities you should look for in all your sales reps:

  • Integrity
  • Intelligence
  • Drive to succeed
  • Excellent communications skills
  • Culture fit
  • Appetite for learning
  • Organization and follow-up skills
  • Basic computer skills
Marketers should be creative problem solvers, attuned to your markets, but also data-driven and analytical. They need an innate sense of the market, but back up their intuition with hard data. Channel partners provide extended reach into your markets while being independent from your company. Invest in a good channel manager who can keep your partners focused on both your customers and your solutions.

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